Villa Magarita

Your Hosts

Come and meet Mark and Margarita at Villa Margarita.

Mark was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand and met his  Cuban-American wife Margarita in the Isle of Man, British Isles  (home of the TT Races) in 1990. Mark and Margarita got married in  1993 and lived in Miami, Florida (Margarita’s hometown) for the  first nine years of their marriage. Margarita’s Cuban background,  as well as the city of Miami’s Cuban influence, exposed Mark to a  whole new culture and way of life. Mark loved experiencing the  customs, the food, the music, the dance, the passion and the  celebratory aspects of the Cuban culture as well as the American  way of life.

Having lived a high paced life in Miami, full of fun and  excitement, Mark and Margarita decided to allow themselves and  their children the opportunity to experience life in New Zealand.  After having been away for twenty years in total, Mark was happy to  return to his home with his wife and children and share his culture  and wonderful heritage with them. They are fully enjoying the Kiwi  lifestyle and together they give Villa Margarita a diverse cultural  flair.

Your hosts - Mark and Margarita.